Translational symmetry Courtesy of The Man

I am traipsing through the glorious slush of Ohio early morning.  Snow is lovely, but those who don’t see it often think of it only as fresh and beautiful on the tree branches and not as the slippery, grey stuff left on the pavement forever after.  Well I walk in the school doors and slide on my first step {it’s that wonderful snow again} and so the day begins:  walk to locker 235, grab one too many books, sit in room 316 until 8:30 and you have exactly four minutes to get to the next class.  Four.  Who decided upon that number?

And this is life today.

And tomorrow.

And the day following.

And for 72 days after.

{Not including weekends and breaks because those days are significantly different}

Ms. Newton, being the mathematics proficient she is, would say it was an excellent example of translational symmetry: the consistent translation of the same, expected content from day to day.  The consistently fresh and thought provoking art teacher, Mr. Martin, would probably go on about something like how The Man has sucked all the joy out of education and made it mind-numbingly generic. I would probably continue to agree with him.  Although, yes, that little mix of Science and Math, English and History will serve you well in life, the lack of freedom does become discouraging.  The test scores we must meet, the reports that need to be filed and the paperwork that must be done all tend to subtract from the actual teaching.  For the teachers like Mr. Wallace, that love students and love to make students love what they learn it is frustrating.  Some ignore such policies as much as possible.  Like Mr. Ritch for example.  However, Mr. Ritch is essentially the Godfather, and do you question the Godfather?


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