What is Words Fill My Head?

“Words fill my head,

Flood my heart,

And flow through every part of me.”

My name is Emma, I love books, writing and just simply words. This will be a collection of reviews on books from some amazing artists in the literary world, my own pieces of writing and just general thoughts.

I was that little kid that got in trouble for staying up too late reading. I still often stay up too far into the night with a book in my hands while the printer’s ink transfers onto my brain, adding yet another story to my memory. However, never has one late night been regretted, because absorbing those last few pages of a gripping book is one of the best feelings in the world.

My mission is to spread this love of words to as many people as I can through introducing them to some of the fantastic writers out there and also contributing as best I can to the world of writing.  The world could use a greater appreciation of the written word and the power it has to capture our hearts, transport us to different worlds and just be beautiful.    So here goes my little addition to the world of words.  I hope you enjoy this collection of my own writings and intros to some of the many great writers out there.



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